Tiggywinkles, Tigers and Tunnels

Thanks to Animalista Untamed here is some fascinating information about corridors for some very different animals who all share the same problem: their habitats being cut up by humans. And a way out:

Animalista Untamed

What do tigers and hedgehogs have in common? The answer is ….. tunnels. Or to be more precise, wildlife corridors. Tigers and hedgehogs happen to be two of the animals who benefit from them.

tunnel road wildlife corridor crossroadsI should be more specific: wildlife corridors don’t have to be tunnels. They can be wide green bridges over highways, disused railway lines, or something as small as a ditch, a hedge, or even a hole in a fence. They are protected stretches of land or water that connect two significant animal habitat areas which would otherwise be cut off from each other. And they’re of immense importance because they can make the difference between an animal species surviving. or going extinct. They also help avoid inbreeding among animals in isolated pockets – species need genetic diversity to thrive. And they have the potential to halt the decline in biodiversity.

So they are all round good news – vital, in the true sense of the word, “indispensable to the continuance of life”.


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