Please share this message that was brought to us by Animalista Untamed and join in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos:

Animalista Untamed


Elephant ivory tusk rhino horn poaching #GMFER delegates #CoP17 Johannesburg

March For Them! Poaching Elephants Ivory Tusks Rhinos Horn CoP17 Johannesburg Global March For Elephants & Rhinos



On September 24th, 2016, people throughout the world will take to the streets and march as one voice. Unless action is taken now, we will lose these majestic, highly intelligent, and emotionally sentient creatures FOREVER.

More than 35,000 elephants are being killed every year so their tusks can be carved into ivory trinkets. A rhino is slaughtered once every 8 hours for its horn. Their only hope for survival lies in an immediate end to the ivory and rhino horn trade (both “legal” and “illegal”) and the chance to recover from decades of mass slaughter.

Let me give you a warning before you watch the video – it hurts. But not half as much as it hurt them. If you need anything to motivate you… https://youtu.be/y8eUw9btmkI

Please email us at march4elesandrhinos@gmail.com with any questions.

Join the 2016 Global March…

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