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Meet the Real Veggie Meat

Even “hard core” carnivores might be tempted by this “meat”:


Why Cows Need Their Friends

Have you ever seen cows on a pasture? Most people living in urban or sub-urban surroundings probably have no idea what a real live cow looks like, much less have any idea on how they feel. Walking along a pasture the cows will probably follow you along, they are curious. They will watch you, most of the times staying close together. If it is sunny and getting too hot, they will search for some shade and you might see them all piled together in the shady spot of the pasture.
Go meet some cows! Thanks to Animalista Untamed for sharing some great information on these wonderful beings.

Animalista Untamed

“I suppose cows must be a bit like humans”

Why do cows need their friends? To improve their milk yield of course, why else? Perish the thought that the milk-production-units some call cows might actually need fulfilling social and emotional lives just like us.

cows-954002__180Cows have best friends and become stressed if they are separated, as a student discovered while researching for her PhD.

Krista McLennan set up two different cattle pens: in the first, a cow was put with her best friend; in the second, two cows who did not know each other. They were left in their respective pens for 30 minutes during which time she measured their heart rates at 15 second intervals, and also their cortisol levels – the stress hormone.

I’m certain I don’t need to spell out her results – they were exactly what we would have predicted, without the research. Who doesn’t feel…

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Libby & Louie, a Love Story

A beautiful piece of prose brought to my attention by Animalista Untamed:

Animalista Untamed

Libby and Louie’s story is a remarkable true tale of profound love and devotion, as told by an equally remarkable human  – Joanna Lucas, creator of the Be Fair Be Vegan social justice campaign responsible for the recent high-profile billboard display in Times Square & Javits Center NYC. As well as being a person of incredible vision, Joanna has a deeply empathetic insight into an animal’s heart and soul, which she beautifully reflects in her luminous writing.

It took extraordinary events – a shattering blow, like the loss of her right foot to the wire floor of the “cage-free” egg farm where she was rescued from, or a rapturous release, like her arrival at the sanctuary, or a seismic shift like Louie’s absence – to shake, charm, or punish a sound out of Libby. It’s not that her voice was frozen in fear, like so many of her fellow refugees…

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The Real Truth in Numbers about the Farming of Animals

If you ever wonder why eating animals might not be so good, here is an excellent blog post from Animalista Untamed on farming animals:

Animalista Untamed

“Holocaust: Any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.”

If you’re anything like me you’ll see the latest meme on Facebook telling us how many animals we’ve saved in a year as vegans, or how many gallons of water it takes to produce a kilo of beef, and take it as gospel. Well, if we want the true gospel, it’s to be found here. Faunalytics is the properly researched go-to source for animal data. This is what they have to say about farmed animals, and it doesn’t make for happy reading. People protest in outrage if we talk about a holocaust. But to refer to what is happening as anything less than a holocaust does a great injustice to the animals, because that is exactly what it is.

Remember though, the enormity of the horror spelled out here in facts and figures by Faunalytics is not meant to drag…

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