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The Animal Legal Defense Funds Celebrates

photo: ADLF

photo: ADLF

Today I would like to share the following invitation with all of you who support animal awareness:

“You are invited to a very special dinner reception to celebrate the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s 35th anniversary. Please join fellow amazing ALDF supporters and staff in celebrating more than three decades of protecting animals through the legal system. It’s going to be a wonderful evening with tasty beverages and vegan Thai food. Here are the details:

Animal Legal Defense Fund 35th Anniversary Dinner Reception
Wednesday, April 1, 7:00 pm
Thai Landing Restaurant
1207 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD

The dinner reception is free and guests are welcome. Help us spread the word by sharing on your social network.”

Even though the Animal Legal Defense Funds graciously invites everybody I am sure they would greatly appreciate a donation to fund there remarkable work, thank you.

You can learn more about the Animal Legal Defense Fund and there work here:

Thank you for spreading the news on animal awareness!