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Good News: Seventh Generation Got the Message

Photo: AAVS

Photo: AAVS

It is clear that through social media, petitions, e-mails and other forms of communication companies feel the pressure of the consumers and are able to react fast. So adding your voice to a petition, writing an e-mail or picking up the phone makes a difference – for many animals in this case.

“After receiving tens of thousands of calls and e-mails and after 85,000 angry consumers signed our petition, Seventh Generation now understands the importance of animal-protection issues to consumers, and it has cleaned up its act! The company reversed course and signed on to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s letter to Congress acknowledging that animal tests are “slow, unreliable, and expensive” and calling for non-animal methods and strategies to be used first and foremost, and it has committed to advocating for this principle in all of its lobbying efforts.”

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!

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More Good News: No More Shark Fins on Singapore Airlines

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Thanks to several on-line campaigns Singapore Airlines will no longer fly any shark fins around the world.

Congratulations to a humane way of life!


You can read more here


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World Sea Turtle Day on Monday


Every day is a special day. Some days are more special, though, than others. Some days are there to show that animals need to be in the limelight to save them from people who are too ignorant to care.

“Monday is World Sea Turtle Day, a day when we celebrate some of the ocean’s most beautiful and ancient creatures.

Many tourists will be exposed to the international wildlife trade all over the world, often without even realizing it. In the Cayman Islands, visitors are allowed to hold sea turtles kept in overcrowded and unsanitary concrete tanks. As the animals continue to reproduce, the older ones are slaughtered for their meat and shells that are sold in tourist or craft shops.

And sea turtles aren’t the only victims. Wildlife products are everywhere, and they all take their toll. From elephant ivory to shark teeth, from marine shows to roadside zoos, annually, millions of animals are shot, poisoned, trapped or stolen to become pets, entertainment or souvenirs.”

The Humane Society International, a part of the Humane Society of the United States, wants to raise the awareness for animals being destroyed by the ignorance of people, especially travelers.

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Please sign the pledge

You can find more information on the HSI at