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Dog Hoarding Is Hell on Earth

Photo: HSUS

Photo: HSUS

The Humane Society of the United States tries to act as fast as possible when asked for assistance. In the Mississippi hoarding case they came to the rescue of many animals suffering terribly, and having been in desperate need for help for days, weeks, months, maybe even longer.

When you see, hear or even smell something is wrong do get help. Hearing many dogs barking in one place could mean it is a terrific animal shelter. But it could also mean that someone is abusing dogs, letting them live in Hell on Earth.

“We’re finding dogs with fresh, open wounds and limbs that have clearly been broken for a long time. Many of them are terribly dehydrated and completely infested with fleas. But we’re here working with local law enforcement — and we’ll be here until the dogs are safely removed from this awful existence.”

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Artists For Animals

Photo: Farm Sanctuary

Photo: Farm Sanctuary

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All photos: Farm Sanctuary

Are you an artist? Have you made any art, be it a sculpture, a painting, an etching, a photography, etc. depicting an animal? Would you donate it for a great cause? Then please help:

“Every year, Farm Sanctuary commemorates the Thanksgiving season with our Celebration for the Turkeys. This event, held at each of our three sanctuaries, brings together hundreds of people from across the country to enjoy a visit with our rescued turkeys, vegan delights, and presentations from expert speakers.

Guests also have the opportunity to bid on an exciting selection of original artwork, vegan products, and gift certificates in a silent auction. We are currently seeking vegan-friendly businesses and artists interested in donating items for our Celebration silent auctions. We are particularly interested in:

  • framed, animal-themed original artwork, including paintings and photography
  • vegan jewelry
  • gift certificates
  • gift baskets of vegan products
  • vacation packages”

For more information about donating to our silent auctions, please contact Amanda Grode. Farm Sanctuary´s coordinator.


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Do Mountain Lions Have to Learn How to Cross a Street?

Photo: Cody S. Hoagland,Defenders of Wildlife

Photo: Cody S. Hoagland,Defenders of Wildlife


The names vary, the animal remains the same: whether you are talking about a mountain lion, a cougar, a puma or a panther, this could always mean you are talking about the largest wildcat living in the US. Their habitat is becoming smaller an smaller, so that tone of the threats to these animals is being run over by a truck:

“When California mountain lion “P22” crossed two eight-lane freeways and ended up in the urban wilderness of LA’s Griffith Park, he was lucky to make it across both alive.

Many mountain lions aren’t so fortunate, and are killed by fatal collisions with vehicles as they try to cross freeways that cut throught their mountain habitat.

The mountain lion known as P22 arrived in the urban oasis of Griffith Park about two years ago. And while most mountain lions have an average home range of about 250 square miles, P22 is barely surviving with just 8 square miles.

Right now, P22 is suffering from exposure to rat poisoning used in residential areas and mange. If he had a safe wildlife crossing, he wouldn’t be trapped facing such urban threats—he’d be back roaming his rugged habitat and open wilderness near the Santa Monica Mountains.”

You can read more about the mountain lion here;jsessionid=683B679C27B206A09A10E9AA4568BF14.app246a?idb=1119893190&DONATION_LEVEL_ID_SELECTED=4701&df_id=35860&35860.donation=form1&idb=0&s_email_id=20140717_MEM_BGV_MissionAppeal_MtnLion_MEM%7CMTMemAct&autologin=true

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Where Do You Find Your New Four-Legged Love of Your Life?

Photo: Animal Rescue Corps

Photo: Animal Rescue Corps

Photo: Washington Animal Rescue League

Photo: Washington Animal Rescue League

Every day, there are people looking to find a new four legged family member. Some immediately turn to a shelter, some find their new love of their life through family or friends, but there still are too many who – mostly due to ignorance or naivety – buy their new dog in a store or, worse, on-line. They do not question where the dog comes from, where the breeder is, they just look for size (mostly small), breed (dogs sometimes are a fashion statement), age (the younger, the better), and price (strangely, some will pay huge amounts of money without questions asked). This is why puppy mills still thrive.

The Washington Animal Rescue League helped save some of these dogs, again:

“They Gained Their Freedom, Now Help Them Gain Their Independence

At this very moment, 21 sweet, but scared, small breed dogs are receiving refuge at the Washington Animal Rescue League. These canines were among more than 100 that were the beneficiaries of a Tennessee puppy mill bust by the Humane Society of the United States.

This is probably the first time any of these beagles, pugs and other small breed dogs have tasted a moment of freedom from the pain, trauma and illness caused by the miserable existence of a life trapped in a tiny, filthy cage.

Yes, they now have their freedom from the puppy mill, but they haven’t gained their independence from it. The adverse effects of that life still haunt these innocent creatures.”

You can read more about the Washington Animal Rescue League here

You can read more about the  Humane Society of the United States here

You can learn more about puppy mills here


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Comprehensive Reading on Animal Welfare

Animal People News

Animal People News

There is a newspaper that is devoted to spreading news on a large variety of animal related issues. Its layout might seem to some a bit old-fashioned, though content wise it certainly is cutting edge, passionate and well researched.

“Described by some critics as “the Wall Street Journal” of the animal defense community, ANIMAL PEOPLE ® is the leading independent publication providing original investigative coverage of animal protection worldwide. With thousands of items on hand, the ANIMAL PEOPLE website is one of the largest repository of articles on animal issues on the Internet, and all topics that affect animals are covered. Founded in 1992, ANIMAL PEOPLE has no alignment or affiliation with any other entity.”

You can learn more at

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Der Osten Europas: Baerenhilfe

So sieht ein Wunschplatz für alle Bären aus

So sieht ein Wunschbild für alle Bären aus

Mit der Öffnung Europas nach Osten hat auch der Tierschutz eine Chance, in diesen Ländern Fuss zu fassen. Die Welttierschutzgesellschaft versucht, alle dort noch in Gefangenschaft lebenden Bären zu befreien und ihnen eine möglichst artgerechte Lebensweise zu ermöglichen. 

“Die Welttierschutzgesellschaft setzt sich gemeinsam mit der rumänischen Organisation AMP für jeden einzelnen notleidenden Bären ein. Wir leisten Überzeugungsarbeit, klären Besitzer und die Bevölkerung auf, gehen mit rechtlichen Mitteln gegen schlechte Haltungsbedingungen vor und geben den Bären ein neues Zuhause.

Die 32 Jahre alte Bärendame Elvira tappt vorsichtig durch ihr neues Zuhause und beschnüffelt neugierig die grüne Umgebung. Die Bärin hatte Glück: Nach langen Jahren in einem rumänischen Zoo konnten wir sie in das Bärenschutzzentrum Zarnesti umsiedeln, wo sie nun ihren Lebensabend verbringen wird.

Doch während Elvira Schritt für Schritt ihren neuen, natürlichen Lebensraum erkundet, fristen immer noch unzählige Bären in Rumänien ein trostloses Dasein unter katastrophalen Haltungsbedingungen.

Im Bärenschutzzentrum im rumänischen Zarnesti können die Bären zusammen mit ihren Artgenossen endlich ein bärengerechtes Leben in natürlicher Umgebung führen.

 Hier finden die Bären in einem 70 Hektar großen Waldgebiet endlich

  • ausreichend Platz und eigene Rückzugsmöglichkeiten,
  • ruhige Winterschlafplätze, großzügige Badestellen, hügelige Eichenwälder mit viel Dickicht, Höhlen und Unterholz sowie
  • genügend Nahrung.”


Hier koennen Sie mehr über die Bärenrettung lesen

Hier finden sie weitere Informationen über die Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V.

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United State’s Largest Sanctuary for Farm Animals

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 3.34.55 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 3.35.10 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 3.35.43 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 3.36.25 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 3.36.36 AM
As long as people continue to eat animals and exploit them, treating them inhumanely and torturing them, there will need to be a place for those animals that can be saved from this life in hell and slaughter in the animal industry.
Farm Sanctuary is helping these animals, giving them a place to live as peacefully and safely as possible.

You can learn more at

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State of the Art Animal Shelter in Washington, DC


Even thought the Washington Animal Rescue League is the oldest animal shelter in the District of Columbia it has one of the most innovative shelters in the country. Dogs get to stay in dens together, cats are found in their cat condos. If an animal needs to spend time in a shelter, this one is the next best thing to finding a forever home.

“For the abused, abandoned, and forgotten animals, The Washington Animal Rescue League’s new facility provides the perfect atmosphere for recovery as they make the transition from lives of hardship to being cherished members of the family. Every detail has been painstakingly designed to promote their physical, psychological, and social wellbeing. Steel-bar cages were replaced with comfortable and attractive doggie dens, cat condos, and puppy pads.”

Two dogs waiting for the their forever home.

Two dogs waiting for the their forever home.

Dogs get to go for walks outside with staff or volunteers - volunteers are always needed and always welcome

Dogs get to go for walks outside with staff or volunteers – volunteers are always needed and always welcome

For more information please check out the website