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Good News: Wyoming Wolves Protected Under The Endangered Species Act

Photo: Jess Lee

Photo: Jess Lee

It is wonderful to share some good news:

“A federal judge ruled that Wyoming wolves must once again be protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Today, it is no longer legal in Wyoming to shoot wolves on sight, chase them down with vehicles, or gas wolf pups in their dens—all of which were permissible under Wyoming’s flawed wolf management scheme.”

You can read more here

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!

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Sad News Update: Pack Mother Wolf Killed

Photo: Center for Biological Diversity

Photo: Center for Biological Diversity

How do you kill a pack of wolves with one shot? Shoot the pack leader, the mother wolf.

The horror of this is that not only is the pack leader dead but that most of the other wolves will die slowly and painfully.

“Washington wildlife officials have determined that the wolf they killed last week was the Huckleberry Pack’s alpha female. It’s devastating news: This killing could shatter the structure of the entire pack and her orphaned pups may face starvation this winter.”


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Do Mountain Lions Have to Learn How to Cross a Street?

Photo: Cody S. Hoagland,Defenders of Wildlife

Photo: Cody S. Hoagland,Defenders of Wildlife


The names vary, the animal remains the same: whether you are talking about a mountain lion, a cougar, a puma or a panther, this could always mean you are talking about the largest wildcat living in the US. Their habitat is becoming smaller an smaller, so that tone of the threats to these animals is being run over by a truck:

“When California mountain lion “P22” crossed two eight-lane freeways and ended up in the urban wilderness of LA’s Griffith Park, he was lucky to make it across both alive.

Many mountain lions aren’t so fortunate, and are killed by fatal collisions with vehicles as they try to cross freeways that cut throught their mountain habitat.

The mountain lion known as P22 arrived in the urban oasis of Griffith Park about two years ago. And while most mountain lions have an average home range of about 250 square miles, P22 is barely surviving with just 8 square miles.

Right now, P22 is suffering from exposure to rat poisoning used in residential areas and mange. If he had a safe wildlife crossing, he wouldn’t be trapped facing such urban threats—he’d be back roaming his rugged habitat and open wilderness near the Santa Monica Mountains.”

You can read more about the mountain lion here;jsessionid=683B679C27B206A09A10E9AA4568BF14.app246a?idb=1119893190&DONATION_LEVEL_ID_SELECTED=4701&df_id=35860&35860.donation=form1&idb=0&s_email_id=20140717_MEM_BGV_MissionAppeal_MtnLion_MEM%7CMTMemAct&autologin=true