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Lemurs in … Arizona?

In the lush forests of Madagascar you will see lemurs in their natural habitat – if you are lucky enough to get a glimpse through the canopy of shaded green.

Why would a state like Arizona publicize a Lemur Encounter? Arizona has so many things of beauty, innovation and fun to offer, setting up live lemur races are totally unnecessary.

“Arizona State Fair officials are on the fence about whether or not they will keep Winners Circle Lemur Encounter on the fair’s October 10 to November 2 lineup after hearing PETA’s concerns. In addition to what’s billed as an interactive lemur exhibit,the fair is also publicizing multiple live lemur races that will be held nearly every day of this lengthy fair.

Last year, the owner of the Winners Circle exhibit, Barry DeVoll, was issued an official warning by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for failing to provide adequate distance or barriers between lemurs and the public—a serious public-safety violation that caused a 3-year-old boy to be bitten by a lemur during a similar event. And that’s just one of many incidents in which lemurs have scratched or bitten children. Other violations incurred by the Winners Circle since 2013 alone include filthy facilities, repeatedly leaving a sugar glider in a plastic tote with no ventilation for prolonged periods of time, and more.”

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