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Cows Living Happily Ever After?

Photo: Mother Jones

Photo: Mother Jones

With the evolvement from meat eaters to vegetarians some of these vegetarians have started thinking about going vegan due to the torturous situation of milk cows and the short-lived life of male calves. But even with all the guilt felt when drinking a glass of milk or biting into a piece of raw milk camembert cheese most vegetarians still cannot give up cow milk all together. Taking a look at the holy cows in India, some believe that selling milk and letting a cow live her life until her natural end should not be a paradoxon.

“If you don’t eat beef because you feel sorry for those cows in Chick-fil-A ads, then you probably shouldn’t drink milk either. The typical male calf born to a dairy cow becomes veal. The typical female is milked for five years—a quarter of her natural lifetime—then sent to the abattoir to become pet food or low-grade hamburger meat. Elsie the Cow, Borden Dairy Company’s famous cartoon logo, is smiling only because she doesn’t realize that she’s about to get euthanized with a cattle gun.

Yet if you’re an ethical vegetarian who still can’t bear to give up milk, you now have another option: slaughter-free dairy, which comes from farms where cows never get killed.”

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