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Petition Update: Help the Mustangs

Roundups started yesterday in Utah. Terrified animals try to flee. Then the animals are hauled off to inhumane places.

“More roundups are slated to begin starting with the Utah roundup on Monday July 28th. Later in August, the Checkerboard roundup in Wyoming will take more than a thousand wild horses off their native land. But where will the feds put them? The holding pens with no shelter are full. So where will they go?

Legally, according to the Burns Amendment of the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) could kill them or sell them to slaughter for human consumption abroad. We can’t let that ever happen again.

In an effort to spread awareness for adoption, 17-year-old Irma Novak has designed the “I Love Ponies . . . Discover Mustangs” T-Shirt because many captive mustangs in the pens will only grow to be pony height and they deserve to find a home with someone who will love them.

The link to the T-Shirts is here: They come in kids to adult sizes and are only $20 each. All the money raised will go to feed the 5 wild horses in the Outreach Program. If you don’t want a T-Shirt but want to make a donation you can send one via to Contact@ProtectMustangs.orgor by mail to Protect Mustangs, P.O. Box 5661, Berkeley, Ca. 94705. We are 100% volunteer national nonprofit based in California where hay prices are skyrocketing due to the drought.

Let’s hope that someday soon the BLM will listen to our proposals for shade, solar and shelter in the captive pens. As you know, donors and corporations have offered to pay for the humane improvements but the BLM refuses to accept the gifts. . . Instead, America’s captive wild horses suffer in triple digit heat waves in the high desert.”


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