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Every Thread a Scream



So soft and cuddly. So pure. So lush. But totally unnecessary. There are so many man-made materials nowadays available that can reproduce the same softness, making this kind of torture completely outdated. And the man-made materials are wearable by everyone, including those allergic to so many animal products.

“French Connection has made the heartless decision to resume its sales of angora, despite being fully informed of the fact that angora is torn from the bodies of live rabbits. Rabbits scream in pain when their fur is ripped from their bodies, and they need your help today! Rabbits who have their fur cut or sheared instead still suffer greatly: Their front and back legs are tethered tightly, and they’re stretched out on boards or suspended in the air. The cutting tools that are used invariably wound the rabbits as they struggle to escape. Afterward, these highly sensitive, social animals are left in shock—they lie motionless inside their tiny, filthy cages, where they’re denied solid flooring and bedding.”

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animal welfare, Kaninchen, rabbit, Tierquälerei, Tierschutz, wild rabbit

Merle, the Little Wild Rabbit


Photo: Alexandra´s Animal Awareness Blog

Photo: Alexandra´s Animal Awareness Blog

Merle died in my arms. She had been sitting on the side walk and had not moved when I walked close by. I knew something was wrong with her, so I picked her up to check for some obvious injuries, put her in a safe place, gave her some fresh grass. She raised her head and looked at me after a while, seemingly not as terrified as at first.

But then she rolled over on her side and her heart stopped beating.

I know that she is one of almost uncountable many rabbits out there, dying either of natural course (only very few), of being hit by cars, trains, tractors, etc.; being killed through testings on animals; being killed for their fur; being killed for fun by hunters and other strange people who get a kick out death.

I know all of that. For me, Merle was someone special, someone singular and unique.


Here are some helpful websites on rabbits – there actually are no statistics out there on how many rabbits die because humans killed them:


Saving one animal will not change the world, but the world will change for that one animal – and for you.