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Red Wolves = Red Alert on Extinction

Photo: Rebecca Bose

Photo: Rebecca Bose

Today is your chance to help protect red wolves:

“Over the past few months, more than 24,000 wildlife advocates have sent messages urging their members of Congress to help provide much-needed funding for red wolf conservation programs.

But now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering whether to terminate the red wolf reintroduction program altogether in eastern North Carolina.

AND, the last day for public input on their decision is this Friday, September 12th! ”


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Red Wolves Adopted into the Wild

red wolf. Photo: USFWS

red wolf. Photo: USFWS

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For ages, wolves have been hunted and killed by humans. They have been vilified immensely, coming close to extinction in the recent past. Some animal welfare organizations are trying to save wolves from this fate:

“Two small red wolf pups just joined their new foster family in the wild. The young wolves are crucial additions to an endangered species that is slowly recovering from the brink of extinction.
The biggest danger for these endangered red wolf pups and their foster families is being killed by poachers who are hunting them down.
Through a red wolf recovery program in eastern North Carolina, a few pups born in captivity every year are placed in dens to be fostered by wild parents. And the program has worked wonderfully! The pups are usually embraced by their new parents, learn to survive in their natural habitat and eventually go off to have their own families.
Right now, only about 100 red wolves exist in the wild—so the survival of the two young pups is crucial.
But these endangered red wolf pups may never have a chance to grow up and reproduce in the wild if they are killed by poachers who are breaking the law.”

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