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Sharks Need Their Fins. Soups Do Not.

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Cutting off the fins of sharks and then throwing the helpless animals back into the water is an extremely horrific way of killing these beings. The more people who speak up against this animal cruelty, the better chances are for a succesful ban on fin trade.

“On Saturday, June 20, Texas became the 10th U.S. state to ban the trade of shark fins. The new law ensures that Texas will no longer participate in the global fin trade that is largely responsible for the decline of sharks around the world.”

Whenever you see shark fin soup on a menu speak up.

You can read more about the ban here:

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Noodle Soup is Good, Shark Fin Soup Is Not

Photo: Pete Sinclair and Liz Giles, Sierra Club

Photo: Pete Sinclair and Liz Giles, Sierra Club

People love to watch dolphins swim around their boats, frolic in the waters, but sharks? No way. Therefore, it is hard to find support for saving sharks from being hunted, mutilated, killed, leading to their extinction. But the ocean´s ecosystem depends on these intelligent animals in many ways, sharks being “keystones” to the intricate structure of the ecosystem.

“Sharks are amazing creatures: majestic predators that inspire awe and respect. But millions of sharks are brutally killed through the practice of “shark finning” every year.

This practice involves chopping off the shark’s fins and throwing the shark back into the sea, left to die. Many species of sharks in the Pacific Rim, such as the Oceanic Whitetip, are declining rapidly in part because of this process.

United States Trade Representative Michael Froman is deciding if the United States will protect sharks from this brutal practice. He’s working on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) — a pact that would expand trade of natural resources between Pacific Rim nations and could have devastating impacts on sharks, trees, and other wildlife. We understand the United States is pushing a strong conservation proposal in the TPP that includes obligations to conserve shark populations and actions to deter shark finning. Other countries in the pact are opposing strong and binding environmental provisions.

Tell the United States Trade Representative: Keep Shark Fins off the Chopping Block!”

Please read more here, sign the petition, reblog, share:;jsessionid=CF9AF0FF3D8D2C6D6F0B9AA93AB50BB3.app261b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=880&s_src=14WAXAXXXX&s_subsrc=14ASFESC2

And learn more here about sharks:

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A Bit of Shark is in Every Fish

Photo: Shark Facts

Photo: Shark Facts

Sharks have a hard time getting a good lobby. People keep thinking of these animals as man-eating vicious creatures, out there to get you. But it is not the human who needs to be afraid of the shark, but the other way around. Even though sharks have extraordinary senses to survive in their natural habitat, humans have reduced the shark population by the millions.

“Fishermen in Indonesia catch an average of 109,000 metric tons of shark per year, more than any other country in the world. While catching tuna, fishermen routinely snare endangered sharks, such as the hammerhead. Yet the Indonesian government agreed to protect sharks over a decade ago.

In 1999, Indonesia signed the United Nations’ International Plan for Action to conserve sharks. Despite this commitment, fishermen continue to profit from valuable shark fins and meat. The lack of management regulations for most shark species is a huge problem – there are no catch quotas and no fishing bans.”


Please sign the petition

You can learn more about sharks here

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Petition: Sharks Need Their Fins – You Don’t

Photo: Greenpeace

Photo: Greenpeace

In some minds there still remains this picture of the big bad white shark, a man eating machine, not an animal. An animal with feelings, especially pain when the fin is cut off. An animal feeling fear when dropped back into the ocean and not being able to swim.

“Pulled from the water, a shark thrashes helplessly as its fins are hacked from its body. Mutilated and in pain, the shark is thrown back into the ocean. Eventually bleeding to death or suffocating.

Each year this torture is how millions of sharks around the world needlessly meet their end. All so their fins can be sold in soups served at expensive restaurants and fancy weddings. The shark fin trade is cruel, unsustainable, and it’s being fueled in large part by the tuna industry.”

Please sign the petition at

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More Good News: No More Shark Fins on Singapore Airlines

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Thanks to several on-line campaigns Singapore Airlines will no longer fly any shark fins around the world.

Congratulations to a humane way of life!


You can read more here


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Victory! Thank You, Singapore Airlines

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Here is some great news:

“GOOD NEWS – Well done Singapore Airlines – Thank you all for kind support.
I have good news today – (Please share) Thank you Singapore Airlines!

Mail from Mr Nicholas Lonides. Please continue to support the Singapore Airlines – IMHO – the best in the world!

Dear Dr Aw,

Please allow me to introduce myself; I head up Public Affairs here at Singapore Airlines. I understand you have written to us in the past about the carriage of shark fin on our flights. I am following up today to let you know that SIA Cargo has been carrying out a thorough review, taking into account the increasing concerns around the world related to shark finning. With effect from 1 August it will no longer accept the carriage of shark fin.

On behalf of Singapore Airlines, I wish to thank you for your longstanding support.

Kind regards,

Nick ========== Nicholas Ionides Vice President Public Affairs”

You can write a thank-you note to Singapore Airlines here

You can read more about sharks and their fins at