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Saving Turtles Sometimes One Egg at a Time

Photo: National Geographic Society

Photo: National Geographic Society

Even though the numbers of these turtles seem to be high enough to sustain a healthy population (the estimate varies between 600.000 – 800.000) they are listed as endangered species since their numbers are declining rapidly. Therefore, this news is very welcome:

“Each year on the eastern coast of India, thousands of olive ridley sea turtles come to shore for their famed synchronized mass nesting. This extraordinary event draws huge crowds of spectators, leaving this declining species’ eggs vulnerable to exploitation.

We at HSI have worked tirelessly with our friends at Action for Protection of Wild Animals (APOWA) to protect the turtles against predators and poachers, providing educational and training programs for coastal communities to ensure the hatchlings’ safe journey to the ocean this year and for years to come. This year, we protected over 60,000 eggs from 700 female turtles. This meant that 36,000 hatchlings crawled safely to sea.”

You can learn more about the olive ridley sea turtles here

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Celebrate Independence Day Humanely

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A very strange way of entertaining people on Independence Day is being planned in Bel Air, Maryland:

“Each year, frogs and turtles are taken from their natural habitats and cruelly subjected to “Frog Jumping” and “Turtle Derby” games at Bel Air Independence Day. They are surrounded by screaming crowds, roughly handled, and relentlessly goaded into making their way across a dry, dusty slab of concrete. This chaotic ordeal would obviously be terrifying for both frogs and turtles, who view humans as predators, and it is potentially harmful as well. Frogs can have respiratory problems since they breathe through their skin and therefore must remain clean and moist—one local conservationist even stated that “a lot of frogs get injured in the jump.” And because of their slow metabolism, turtles can take weeks or even months to heal from injuries. Your voice is needed!

Please urge the Bel Air Independence Day Committee to cancel these cruel events permanently and replace them with activities that don’t involve live animals. And please forward this alert widely!

Don Stewart, President and Chair
Bel Air Independence Day Committee

Michael Blum, Vice President and CEO
Bel Air Independence Day Committee

Here is an example letter:

Dear Bel Air Independence Day Organizers,

it would be wonderful to hear that this year’s festivities will be a pleasure not only for humans but also for those creatures who cannot speak up for themselves.
It has come to my attention that there might be some events planned involving live animals (“Frog Jumping”, “Turtle Derby”). This might have been an attraction in times when people did not know better, but nowadays we are aware of how much, pain, anxiety, cruelty and sometimes even death  is involved to creatures who should have nothing to do with such an event.
I am certain that you are able to find some humane entertainment and can do without cruelty towards animals.
Thank you for stopping this torture event and enjoy celebrating Independence Day in style without live animals involved.
Your name
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