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Saving Wildlife One County at a Time



One county, one state at a time: California’s Mendocino County will think again about killing off their wildlife without reason. When animal welfare groups and individual citizens form coalitions their voice will be heard.

“Mendocino, Calif. — In response to legal pressure from a coalition of animal protection and conservation groups, Mendocino County officials agreed today to suspend the renewal of the county’s contract with the notorious federal wildlife-killing program known as Wildlife Services, pending an environmental review that will include consideration of nonlethal predator control methods. The county’s decision came after the coalition, and a Mendocino resident, filed a lawsuit against the county in November for violating the California Environmental Quality Act. As a result of that agreement, the coalition has agreed to dismiss its lawsuit.”You can read more here:

Thank you for spreading the news on animal awareness!

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The Animal Legal Defense Funds Celebrates

photo: ADLF

photo: ADLF

Today I would like to share the following invitation with all of you who support animal awareness:

“You are invited to a very special dinner reception to celebrate the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s 35th anniversary. Please join fellow amazing ALDF supporters and staff in celebrating more than three decades of protecting animals through the legal system. It’s going to be a wonderful evening with tasty beverages and vegan Thai food. Here are the details:

Animal Legal Defense Fund 35th Anniversary Dinner Reception
Wednesday, April 1, 7:00 pm
Thai Landing Restaurant
1207 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD

The dinner reception is free and guests are welcome. Help us spread the word by sharing on your social network.”

Even though the Animal Legal Defense Funds graciously invites everybody I am sure they would greatly appreciate a donation to fund there remarkable work, thank you.

You can learn more about the Animal Legal Defense Fund and there work here:

Thank you for spreading the news on animal awareness!

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund fights for Lolita


Since the movie Blackfish brought the plight of dolphins, whales and other creatures of the ocean visually into the limelight, it hopefully is foreseeable in the near future that all confined beings will be either released or given the space and care they need to lead a good life.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has taken up the fight for Lolita:

“The Miami Seaquarium is in the business of breaking laws. For decades the Seaquarium has confined Lolita, a wild born orca, in conditions that violate the Animal Welfare Act. Lolita is confined to an undersized concrete prison where she is denied shade and the companionship of other orcas. ALDF has sued in response to these conditions. 

The Seaquarium has also been violating the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act — the law that protects employees from deadly workplace hazards — by requiring trainers to swim with and even ride Lolita like a surfboard as she performs tricks in her tiny tank. ALDF included exclusive video evidence of this ongoing occupational hazard in a complaint sent to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This complaint renews the request ALDF made first in November, asking OSHA to investigate this blatant violation.”

“Orcas belong in the wild, not in entertainment.”

The Animal League Defense Fund ask you to please take action:

Take action to have the law enforced! Contact your federal members of Congress and request that they urge OSHA to enforce the law against Miami Seaquarium.”

You can learn more at


And you can read more about Lolita and her plight at