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The Worst Zoo in the World: Gaza

Sadly, this “title” would probably still fit many small zoos and animal parks in the world. Luckily for the animals at the Gaza Zoo, the animal welfare organization Four Paws has started rescue efforts, but there still is much work to do.

“Dear animal friends,

FOUR PAWS has returned to the Gaza Strip.

Over the last few days, a FOUR PAWS team has been helping the desperate, suffering animals at the Khan Younis Zoo, described by some media outlets as “the worst zoo in the world”.

There are still several animals living at the zoo, including Laziz, the last remaining captive tiger in Gaza, along with monkeys, birds, emu, deer, turtles and a couple of porcupines, all of which are still sadly living in very poor conditions.

Thanks to the support of generous people like you, FOUR PAWS has been able to provide much-needed food to the undernourished animals, which has led to visible improvements in the health of the animals, including Laziz the tiger.

In addition to providing food, we were able to check on all of the remaining animals, provide veterinary treatment, and even relocate some of the animals to larger enclosures, including a pelican, the two porcupines and some turtles.

Even though our team was only permitted to stay for a limited time in Gaza, we’ve met with the responsible people on site and we will continue helping beyond our departure.

We are still working to find a permanent solution for the animals in Gaza, and we will continue to keep you updated on the situation.”

“P.S. We are 100% funded by voluntary donations. Your gift today means we can do more!”

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animal habitat, animal welfare, Tierschutz, Wildtierschutz

What Does Palm Oil Have to Do with Animals?

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So you decided to eat less or no animal fats. You switched from all the butter to more soy based products. You decided to use margarine instead of butter. For your health, for the animals, for climate control a wise decision. But where does the substitute come from? Very often, palm oil is being used and this oil is derived from a plant, a palm, and this plant grows there, where urang-utans, tigers and elephants live. More and more demand for palm oil has lead to major deforestation, leaving the animals without the habitat they need to survive. It is essential for their survival to find a sustainable way of growing palm for palm oil. And here, a step in the right direction has been made.

KFC is the latest company to release a new, deforestation-free palm oil commitment.

Over the last year, SumOfUs members have added over 1.5 million signatures to petitions telling some of the world’s largest fast food corporations that there’s no excuse to continue buying palm oil that could cause climate change, loss of endangered species habitat, and tropical deforestation.

We took action. Corporations listened. And acted!

KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell — all owned by multinational conglomerate Yum! Brands, America’s second largest fast food corporation — responded to our demands. Yum! Brands recently announced a new palm oil policy that requires all the palm oil they use for cooking be deforestation-free.

Signing petitions makes a difference. If you have signed, thank you!

You can read more about this topic here:

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