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Where Does Your Trash Go?

Photo: Adam Ratner, Marine Mammal Center

Photo: Adam Ratner, Marine Mammal Center

If you have been on the coast lately you will have noticed that with the waves rolling onto shore come all sorts of trash. Walking along a beach there are no longer only shells and pebbles you find, but all sorts of trash. And most of this is deadly for the animals who live in the water or next to it.

“Spiderpig, a young California sea lion with a severe entanglement injury, demonstrates how damaging the problem of ocean trash can be. He recently arrived at The Marine Mammal Center, just in time to show the importance of Coastal Cleanup Day.”

Coastal Cleanup Day is September 20th, 2014. So no matter what coast you are on on that day, please go help and collect as much trash as you can.

To read more about Spiderpig and Coastal Cleanup Day please read here


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