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An End to Captive Lion Breeding in South Africa in Sight

Please keep your fingers crossed that this will definitely come true – and maybe lead the way to an end to this nightmare in every country:$%7BProfile.CustomerKey%7D
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Thanks to Animalista Untamed here is an interesting article on conservation ideas from Australia. It would be wonderful if Arian’s ideas would pay off. Please read more here – and thank you for spreading the news on animal awareness:

via Isn’t it Time to Stop the Killing in the Name of Conservation?

Isn’t it Time to Stop the Killing in the Name of Conservation?

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Wolves Wiped out in Washington State

This sad news has just been released by the Center for Biological Diversity:

“More grim news out of Washington state: Snipers have killed four more wolves — three adults and a female pup. The Profanity Peak wolf pack family has been shattered, reduced to just one adult struggling to care for the four surviving four-month-old pups.

The killing of this pack — which, once it’s done, will have wiped out 12 percent of the wild wolves in the state — has been authorized by Washington’s wildlife agency despite evidence that a rancher placed his cattle right over the pack’s den. Robert Weilgus, director of the Large Carnivore Conservation Lab at Washington State University, told reporters that “This livestock operator elected to put his livestock directly on top of their den site; we have pictures of cows swamping it.” We can’t allow this kind of provocation to keep leading to state-sanctioned wolf slaughter.”

Please read more here and share widely:

Profanity Peak Wolf Pack To Be Culled By Washington Wildlife Officials

The Killing of the Profanity Peak Wolf Pack

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Man, Money & Rhinos – Unravelling the Tangled Knot of Poaching

Very interesting facts and discussion on rhinos and their horns, the preservation, poaching, persecution, and other facts concerning these animals. Thanks to Animalista Untamed here is the blog post:

Animalista Untamed

“We walk around armed at all times. We’re all living 24 hours in a state of readiness. You would start at first light trying to check on all your animals on the reserve, to make sure they’re alive”– Pelham Jones, president of the Private Rhino Owners Association

In 2007, 13 rhino were poached in South Africa. In 2008, 83. Since 2008 poaching has risen by – can you get your head around this? – 8,900%.  And no, I haven’t made a mistake with the noughts. The strange thing is, until that time the white rhino population of the Republic of South Africa was actually increasing. It hardly seems possible. All we hear now is how to save from extinction the iconic African Big Five, one of which is of course, the rhino.

rhino-1077906__180Many in the RSA now believe it’s no coincidence the massive upsurge in poaching suddenly began at just about…

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Who Want Bears in Florida?

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-15 um 08.53.00 Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-15 um 08.53.07

It seems only hunters want bears in Florida. The lobby for the animals in Florida had a chance in court, but lost. So this year the bears will have no protection from those who kill for pleasure.

There is a chance the appeals court will vote differently, but there is “bearly” any time left. Please speak up for the bears and help them survive in Florida.

You can read more here:

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Is Saving one Species a Justifiable Excuse to Kill Another?

photo: Endangered Species Coalition

photo: Endangered Species Coalition

The wild salmon population has been declining rapidly over the last decades. Would it help to save them by killing thousands of cormorants? And even if so, is the life of a salmon worth more than the life of a cormorant? “The Army Corps of Engineers is moving ahead with a shocking plan to kill 11,000 cormorants and destroy 26,000 of their nests. By their own estimates, they intend to kill 15 percent of the entire population of Double-crested Cormorants west of the Rocky Mountains. The justification that the Corps is offering for this stunning killing spree is that the birds are consuming endangered salmon on the Columbia River. These cormorants that live and nest in Oregon’s lower Columbia River estuary are not salmon’s primary threat. The fish are endangered primarily because of dams, pollution, and habitat loss–not because of cormorants. Yet, the Corps has chosen to focus on these birds, potentially reducing their population to dangerous levels. The FWS has estimated that this plan would reduce the population of cormorants below the number they consider sustainable. Salmon are in trouble and recovering them will require action, but this recovery should not come at the expense of native birds. The killing of 11,000 cormorants and untold more through the destruction of nests is a grotesque and misguided solution when so many other, larger threats–such as dams, habitat loss, and pollution–remain unchallenged.” Please read more here:

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Urgent: Helpers Against Killing of Deer in Washington, DC Needed

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-16 um 15.50.14

The shooters come at night, killing a many deer as they can. Even though it has been proven that there are more humane ways of animal control the brutal medieval methods remain in place. In the middle of the capitol of the United States hunters may use their deadly weapons.

If you live in the area please help:

“Sadly, the killing of the Rock Creek Park deer has started.  We must show the public, the courts, and the executive and legislative authorities that we do not accept the slaughter the park has been carrying out on our deer.

We have already been out protesting on an emergency basis (when our surveillance team finds they are setting up to shoot deer) , and that will continue.  But we also want to hold scheduled daytime rallies.  I am getting ready to schedule the first one and would like your help with it.  There are at least three ways you could help.

  1. “Help with scheduling.  The major goal in a scheduled rally is to get people out to show support, so we want to make it as convenient as possible for everyone who would like to join, especially among our active supporters in the area.  I have already heard that a number of people will be gone for a substantial amount of time in December, so I do not plan to hold this until January.    I would like to know from you what days and times would be most convenient.  Typically we have held most scheduled rallies on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Is that a good time for you? Or would another day of the week or time of day be better?  Also, which weekends would be good.  I think it should be within  the first few weeks of January  – say by Sunday January 18 at the latest.  If you are interested in joining, let me know what within this range would be a good time for you.  I would like to hear from you within a week of this email so that we can set a date and have ample time to publicize it well ahead of time.
  1. Help with publicizing.  Are you in a position to help pass the word about a scheduled rally?  Either among your personal friends or a group or facebook page you belong to whose members are likely to be interested in our cause?.

Also, if you are good with turning excel files into email distribution lists, we could use your help.  We need to distill an excel file of 5,000 supporters from all over the world into a series of 50-person distribution lists of supporters from the DC area.

Please let me know if you can help with either of these areas.

  1. Are you interested in joining some of the emergency protests?.  We have no way of knowing when these will be until the night of the kill, usually after 8 or 9 PM.  We have a group of people who come out if they are able on that night.  If you would like to join us please let me know.

Finally if there are other ways you could help that I haven’t mentioned, please let me know.  We are immensely grateful for your support of the deer.  With your help we can eventually stop this senseless killing.


Anne Barton ”

Please share, reblog, spread the news.

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Red Wolves = Red Alert on Extinction

Photo: Rebecca Bose

Photo: Rebecca Bose

Today is your chance to help protect red wolves:

“Over the past few months, more than 24,000 wildlife advocates have sent messages urging their members of Congress to help provide much-needed funding for red wolf conservation programs.

But now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering whether to terminate the red wolf reintroduction program altogether in eastern North Carolina.

AND, the last day for public input on their decision is this Friday, September 12th! ”


Please read more and find out what you can do today


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Shooting Wolves for Fun?

Photo: Serdar Ukun

Photo: Serdar Ukun

Humans have been hunters and gatherers for many thousand years. To survive, it was necessary to hunt and only the fittest would survive. The fittest hunters as well as the fittest hunted. Nowadays, no animal has a chance against the weaponry used by hunters. But nowadays, humans hunt for pleasure, not out of necessity.

“A hunters’ rights organization in Idaho wants to turn the killing of wolves into a contest. A request has been made to hold a predator-killing derby every five years. If passed, it could mean disaster for local wolf populations.”


Please read more and sign the petition here


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