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Success for Nosey, the Elephant!

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Photo: PeTA

One of my first blog posts was about Nosey, the elephant. Today, four years later, I am grateful and immensely happy to share with you that this one elephant is finally in a safe  sanctuary, will never be exploited again.

Many, many people worked together for this happy ending – hopefully it will be the beginning of the end of animal exploitation in entertainment.

23. JAN. 2018 — A Lawrence County, Alabama judge has ruled today that Nosey the elephant will be able to stay in true sanctuary at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. A case against Nosey’s notorious owners, the Liebel Family Circus, was heard on December 15, 2017, and Judge Angela Terry has ruled that Nosey will remain at the Sanctuary PERMANENTLY!

SAVE NOSEY NOW has worked since 2013 for this day, chasing this small family circus from town to town all over the country, never giving up on Nosey for one day. We pushed hard at the USDA who was charged with upholding the Animal Welfare Act by promoting call-in actions, tweetstorms, letter writing campaigns, and a formal march on their Washington, DC site in June 2015. We also dug deep into the patterns of abuse by this small family circus and pushed hard against the Florida Wildlife Commission who repeatedly rubberstamped the permit for this abusive family to keep and use Nosey. Our work involved research into many state and city animal laws as Nosey was hauled around the country from state to state, city to city, day to day, month to month, year to year. We were successful in shutting down venues in many locations as the entities were educated about the true life of Nosey the elephant.

We have run into many obstacles along the way to Nosey’s freedom, but the powers aligned in the little town of Moulton, Alabama on a fateful day in November, 2017 where Nosey was spotted by some very brave local women. These women saw a wrong and decided to fix it. Googling Nosey, Save Nosey Now was found, and we were able to provide assistance to the local officials throughout the proceedings with documents, pictures and videos to strengthen the case against the circus owners. Contacting the law enforcement division of PETA, more resources were on the way to Alabama. Save Nosey Now was pleased to be a part of the bench trial in Lawrence County, Alabama, and to provide assistance wherever needed.

We thank the good people of Alabama for their perseverance and follow through. We thank our supporters who have always believed that this day would come for Nosey, and we thank all the other organizations who worked hard for Nosey for many years.”

Nosey the Elephant’s story can be found here:

Judge gives Lawrence County custody of Nosey the elephant

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The Worst Zoo in the World: Gaza

Sadly, this “title” would probably still fit many small zoos and animal parks in the world. Luckily for the animals at the Gaza Zoo, the animal welfare organization Four Paws has started rescue efforts, but there still is much work to do.

“Dear animal friends,

FOUR PAWS has returned to the Gaza Strip.

Over the last few days, a FOUR PAWS team has been helping the desperate, suffering animals at the Khan Younis Zoo, described by some media outlets as “the worst zoo in the world”.

There are still several animals living at the zoo, including Laziz, the last remaining captive tiger in Gaza, along with monkeys, birds, emu, deer, turtles and a couple of porcupines, all of which are still sadly living in very poor conditions.

Thanks to the support of generous people like you, FOUR PAWS has been able to provide much-needed food to the undernourished animals, which has led to visible improvements in the health of the animals, including Laziz the tiger.

In addition to providing food, we were able to check on all of the remaining animals, provide veterinary treatment, and even relocate some of the animals to larger enclosures, including a pelican, the two porcupines and some turtles.

Even though our team was only permitted to stay for a limited time in Gaza, we’ve met with the responsible people on site and we will continue helping beyond our departure.

We are still working to find a permanent solution for the animals in Gaza, and we will continue to keep you updated on the situation.”

“P.S. We are 100% funded by voluntary donations. Your gift today means we can do more!”

You can read more here:

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A Little Help Goes a Long Way for These Dogs: Helping Street Dogs in Thailand

photo: Soi Dog

photo: Soi Dog

One of the largest dog shelters, Soi Dog, in Thailand is run by a very few, extremely dedicated people. The founders, a couple from England, have managed to help save, heal, adopt out many dogs and have come to the aid of over 700 dogs on an island that looks like paradise but was more like hell for these abandoned beings.

You can read more here:

Thanks to you, the cycle of suffering has been broken…


Dear Friend of Soi Dog,

I recently wrote to you about the remote Thai island of Koh Kood and the horrific suffering of over 700 stray dogs there. Having been abandoned years ago by hotel construction workers, the dogs were unsterilised and continuing to breed. Innocent puppies were being born into a short, pitiful life of neglect.

This was misery on a huge scale.

A local group, Sabai Dog Koh Kood, were doing their best to care for the worst cases, but with the nearest vet over two hours away, and new puppies being born each week, the situation was out of control. In desperation, Sabai Koh Kood appealed to Soi Dog Foundation. With such a magnitude of suffering, I knew I had to turn to you

Thanks to an outpouring of donations from people like you, two teams of Soi Dog Animal Rescue Officers were able to embark on the arduous 2 day journey to Koh Kood from our base nearly 1200 kilometres away, including a sea crossing by barge – the only way to get all the equipment on to the island.

With assistance from The Department of Livestock Bangkok, who provided additional vets for the first four days, Sabai Dog Koh Kood, the local authority and local hospital, staff from local hotels (notably the luxury Soneva Kiri resort and the Tinkerbell resort), and many local people, the project was finally underway.

Dogs waiting to be sterlisedThe stray dogs of Koh Kood waiting their turn to be sterilised.

By the time our team returned 2 weeks later, 559 dogs and 104 cats had been spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated. With over 300 female dogs sterilised, that is a minimum of 3,000 puppies spared in the first year alone.

Our vets also performed a number of major surgeries on badly injured dogs, including some who had survived partially severed limbs that had been caught in snares. With most of the dogs suffering from skin conditions, Sabai Dog Koh Kood were provided with medication and training to care for these easily-treated cases.

With a number of jungle dogs too wild to be caught, along with many puppies too young for surgery, discussions are now underway to send a smaller team back to the island in the near future.

The endless cycle of suffering has finally been broken. YOU have had a direct impact on the lives of hundreds of desperate animals. Your support has brought a seemingly hopeless situation under control.

The vet team hard at workThe vet team busy at work sterlising the stray dogs of Koh Kood.

Be proud of what you have achieved because it couldn’t have happened without you.

On behalf of the animals whose lives you have changed, I simply wanted to say thank you.

Best Wishes,

John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation

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Orcas at Sea World

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One of the big news of the last couple of days is Sea World’s news release saying the end of orcas in Sea World is near. The promise is that no more breeding will take place at Sea World and that no new whales will be caught from the wild to be presented at any of Sea World’s parks. Additionally, orcas shows will be “phased out”, as CEO Joe Manby from Sea World promised.

The pressure on Sea World has increased dramatically since the release of the movie “Blackfish” to stop all orca programs and to release all captive orcas back into the wild.

Joe Manby states that setting the orcas free who have lived all or most of their lives in captivity would most certainly lead to their deaths since they would not know how to survive in the wild.

It is to be hoped that Sea World will stick to all their promises and commit themselves to rescue missions instead of animal captivity.

You can read more here:

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Success for Nosey – for Now!

Photo: PeTA

Photo: PeTA

Thank you to all of you who spoke up in Nosey´s favor! Now the pressure needs to be on the owners to let Nosey retire completely.

“After hearing from PETA about the plight of the suffering elephant Nosey, city officials in Decatur, Texas, informed the Family Fun Circus, which was reportedly set to feature Nosey during its scheduled appearance this week in the city, that it would not be allowed to exhibit her! This means an all-out victory in Texas, as all the venues in the state that were planning to host Nosey this week have canceled her appearances.

Thank you to everyone who took action. Because of you, Nosey was spared a week of exhausting and painful circus performances.”

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How To Choose Compassion Over Gluttony



Is it worth fighting for this one pig? Why make such a big deal about this one animal? Because this one pig stands for so many who are being sent off to slaughter. This one pig can open the eyes of many to show compassion towards a being who cannot escape his fatal fate without your help.

“As part of its Hog Wild Tire Sale event, Granite City Tire & Auto in Alexandria, Minnesota, is planning to send a pig to slaughter and give his or her flesh to the customer who can most closely guess the animal’s weight. Pigs are deeply intelligent, affectionate animals who feel pain and fear, just like the cats and dogs many of us share our homes with.

Granite City Tire & Auto ignored PETA’s request for the pig to be sent to a sanctuary instead of the slaughterhouse, so we’re urging local residents to make their voices heard and let Granite City Tire & Auto know that this barbaric sales ploy is appalling and will not be tolerated by the community.

Please contact Granite City Tire & Auto and urge the company to allow PETA to send the pig who is scheduled for slaughter to a sanctuary instead:

Let Granite City Tire & Auto know that you will not patronize a business that celebrates cruelty to animals and that you will ask your friends and family to refuse to do so as well.”

Please help this one pig, thank you!

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Chinchillas Are Waiting For New Homes

Photo: RSPCA

Photo: RSPCA



There are many chinchillas being kept as pets. Subjectively, I believe most of them are in homes unsuited for these rodents whose looks make them more “likable” than for example rats. Since chinchillas can live for up to twenty years chances are they will not be kept by the same people their whole lives. These little animals come from the Andes mountain range, do not like heat nor high humidity. But more often than not, they have to live in surroundings totally unsuitable for them. And then there is their beautiful fur. Some people would rather wear their chinchilla as coat than take care of the live animal.

“Valley View Chinchilla Ranch masqueraded as a breeder of “pets,” despite slaughtering, skinning, and selling the pelts of any chinchillas who supposedly did not “work out” as companions and even going so far as to hide its involvement in the fur industry—including a freezer containing pelts—from the public. The facility owner admitted to denying chinchillas veterinary care, performing painful medical procedures—including limb amputations—herself without pain relief, and using a method of painful electrocution deemed “unacceptable” by the American Veterinary Medical Association.”

You can read more about the chinchilla rescue here

You can learn more about chinchillas here


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Eating Dogs = Eating Pigs?


Photo: HSI

Photo: HSI

There are stories of people all over the world bonding with animals. Why are some animals only considered food whereas others become family members? Who has the right to decide whether eating a dog is worse than eating a pig? In the western hemisphere humans will cuddle with their dog, the dog gets to sleep in the house if not in the bed of their human family. But pigs get crammed into crates where they can barely move let alone turn around. In other countries dogs get crammed into small cages before they are sold off as meat. Are dogs better? Smarter? Tastier? Easier to catch? Easier to murder? Easier to hold in your arms?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black …

But this is about dogs, please help:

“A dog looks up at a woman as he is offered water after days of going without. Barking and whining can be heard all around from frightened, confused animals, many injured and some laboring to breathe. Veterinarians work frantically as darkness falls on a crowded field.

Numerous stolen pets, along with a police service dog, were discovered this past week among some 3,280 dogs bound for slaughter in China’s dog meat market. Despite sweltering summer temperatures, they were densely packed into small wire cages without regard for safety or welfare.”

Please


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When Does the Transition Happen From Holding a Toy Teddy Bear Lovingly To Your Heart to Torturing the Animal Who Looks Just Like This?

Photo: PeTA

Photo: PeTA

Bears have been mistreated probably since the moment humans were able to capture them. There is no horrific torture humans have come up with that has not been performed on bears.

People grow up holding a cuddly toy teddy bear in their arms. But some time later some humans change into bear haters.

“Bears, who have natural ranges of up to thousands of miles in the wild, are being kept in cramped cages and concrete pits at deplorable roadside facilities across the country that exhibit the animals for profit while disregarding their most basic needs. Many bears at roadside zoos spend most of their waking hours pacing, head-butting the cages, and engaging in other abnormal behavior that is indicative of suffering—all because the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has disregarded the space, enrichment, dietary, and behavioral needs of captive bears, who recent studies show are just as complex and intelligent as primates.

We need your help to make sure that the USDA enacts stronger regulations for captive bears without further delay—take action now!”

You can read more here and sign the petition


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No Dogs on Chains

If you ask people who have a dog tied up in their back yard why they bother to keep this animal they more often than not will tell you that a) they need the dog for protection and b) that they love dogs.

a) How can a dog protect you when the creature is tied up and cannot even go anywhere?

b) Is it love to tie someone up and not interact with the other being?

All dogs should be free, able to bond with their family, have a right to food, shelter and happiness. It still is a long way to go.
“A muddy patch of dirt and a flimsy plastic box. That was Diamond’s whole world. Diamond is a sweet dog discovered by PETA fieldworkers in an extremely poor area of rural North Carolina.

She had almost no shade to squeeze into to protect her from the scorching sun, even though summer temperatures here can soar into the 90s—sometimes hovering around 100 degrees—for weeks. Not only did Diamond have the hot weather to contend with—dogs can cool themselves only by sweating through their paw pads and panting—she was also exposed to all that comes with summer’s violent thunderstorms.

As soon as they found her, PETA’s fieldworkers changed Diamond’s world. They popped her into our truck, and she rode in comfort to our mobile clinic, where she was examined and spayed. Afterward, they had no choice but to take her back, but they made sure that she had a sturdy new PETA doghouse with a shady overhang ready and waiting for her on a patch of fresh grass.”

You can find out more about PeTA´s help program here

You can learn more about chain dogs here