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Two Success Stories in the Flight Against Animal Cruelty. Thank you, PeTA!

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Today is a good day for all who work hard to fight against animal cruelty. Here are two stories that show it pays off to speak up and help those who cannot help themselves:

“You may remember that in late 2012, a two-month PETA investigation of rodent and reptile breeder and dealer Global Captive Breeders, LLC (GCB), led authorities to conduct the largest animal rescue in California history. Acting on evidence gathered by PETA, officials discovered nearly 16,000 rats and mice and more than 600 reptiles languishing in waste-filled cages at GCB, many of them starving, injured, gravely ill, and/or with no access to water.

PETA’s investigator revealed shocking and routine neglect, including that scores of rats drowned because of a faulty watering system, some died of dehydration, and reptiles slowly wasted away over the course of weeks as a result of systemic deprivation. The investigator also documented that employees killed rats by freezing them alive, shooting them with a BB gun, and slamming them against walls, shelves, and other hard surfaces. After conducting what is to this day the largest rescue of neglected rats in U.S. history, local authorities arrested Mitch Behm and David Delgado, the owner and former manager of GCB, respectively, and charged each of them with more than 100 counts of felony cruelty to animals.

Late last month, both men were sentenced after previously pleading guilty in Riverside County Superior Court and being convicted of cruelty to animals. Behm was sentenced to five years of formal probation and must pay more than $190,000 in restitution to PETA and the city of Lake Elsinore for costs associated with the investigation and the rescue of thousands of suffering animals from the facility. Delgado pleaded guilty to a dozen felony counts of cruelty to animals and was sentenced to 180 days in the sheriff’s custody and five years of formal probation. While nothing can undo the misery that thousands of rats and reptiles endured at GCB, the court’s prohibition on acquiring any animals as part of their sentences will help ensure that no more animal victims will suffer at Behm’s or Delgado’s hands.”

Case no. two:

“The second case involved a series of horrific fetish videos that were being sold online. In them, puppies, kittens, rabbits, mice, and other animals were being tortured in ways that would make even the most hard-hearted person sick. In one, a woman slashed the neck and throat of a puppy before beheading the struggling animal with a meat cleaver. Through some skillful sleuthing by PETA staff and help from the Animal Beta Project, we determined that the alleged producers of the videos lived in Houston, and just two days after PETA contacted the Houston Police Department with the evidence, officers arrested two suspects believed to be involved and charged them with animal torture.

In a court decision handed down in late May, one of those who reportedly admitted to killing hundreds of animals over the years, Ashley Richards, was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of cruelty to animals. Co-defendant Brent Justice’s case is still pending in the courts, and the district attorney who prosecuted Richards’ case has now vowed to “fight at the next legislative session to increase the punishment range for this offense to better protect these animals.”

You can

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Petition: Pigs Want Out

pig tortured to death. Photo: PeTA

pig tortured to death. Photo: PeTA

For those who still eat meat it should become more and more important to know where their food comes from. And for those who no longer support this violence against innocent creatures it is still a necessity to know what is happening and urging others to stay informed so that eventually there is a chance of ending these hellish conditions.

“In PETA’s latest undercover investigation, lame pigs were found languishing, mother pigs, some with sores, were confined to crates so small that they couldn’t even turn around, and injured animals were relegated to a “junk pen” before being shipped to their deaths.

The facility documented here is the beginning for the animals who become bacon, pork chops, and sausage. It is the first place where pigs suffer before they and generations of their piglets are shipped off to be dismembered. Their bodies and spirits are broken, and they need your help.

Please join (…) in contacting Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and asking him and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to pursue more funding for slaughterhouse inspections that would make pigs’—and many other animals’—deaths less terrifying and painful.”

You can find the petition here

You can learn more about pigs and their life in misery here

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Menschen sind schoener ohne Pelz



Schoene Tiere und haessliche Menschen tragen Pelz

Wer jemanden mit einem Pelzmantel oder Pelz-Accessoires sieht, sollte freundlich nachfragen, ob dies wirklich von einem Tier stammt (heute kann man da nicht immer sicher sein) und wenn ja, den Menschen bedauern, der totes Tier braucht, um vermeintlich schoener auszusehen. Boesartige Angriffe sind nie hilfreich! Niemals sollte man jemanden angreifen, beschimpfen, oder schlimmeres. Das ist in jedem Fall kontraproduktiv und fuehrt zu nichts Gutem.

“Über 100.000 Nerze müssen noch immer auf deutschen Pelzfarmen vor sich hinvegetieren, obwohl diese Farmen seit knapp drei Jahren illegal betrieben werden.
Wir haben alle tierquälerischen Betriebe angezeigt, die die verschärften Vorschriften der Verordnung zur Pelztierhaltung nicht einhalten. Mittelfristig kann es nur ein Ziel geben: Alle deutschen Pelzfarmen müssen geschlossen und das Leid der Nerze beendet werden.”

Wer mehr ueber das Elend der Tiere in Pelztierfarmen lesen will, findet hier weitere Informationen

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Petition: Lolita, the Orca, Needs Help

Lolita still in captivity. Photo: Walter Michot

Lolita still in captivity. Photo: Walter Michot

The more people speak up for the release of Lolita, the Orca in confinement at the Miami Seaquarium, the bigger her chances are to be released into a coastal sanctuary.

“Lolita was torn away from her family and natural habitat decades ago. More than 40 years later, she is still stuck in a tank at the Miami Seaquarium—in the smallest orca tank in North America—while the rest of her pod swims freely.

Lolita is a member of the Southern Resident orca population—a group of orcas who are now protected as an endangered species, in part because Lolita’s capture and those like it decimated the population. Inexplicably, Lolita has been denied the same protection as her free-roaming family.

Following a petition submitted by PETA, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and the Orca Network, the National Marine Fisheries Service is now considering finally protecting Lolita as a member of an endangered species, which is an important first step in her rehabilitation and release from captivity. Please urge Palace Entertainment’s CEO to retire Lolita to a coastal sanctuary so that she can begin her rehabilitation immediately.”

Please sign the petition

You can read more about Lolita

You can read more about PeTA

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Elephants in a Circus – Abuse or Amusement?

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In the nineteenth century, people outside of Asia and Africa were awed by the sight of an elephant. Elephants were literally a big curiosity and people would travel from afar when they heard a circus was coming to town with a live elephant as attraction.
In the twentieth century, people still did not know much better.
Hopefully, we have come a long way from gawking at the miserable plight of a beaten and tortured elephant, poked and prodded before our eyes to endure inhumane treatment. But strangely, some people still have not learned that the best entertainment comes from those who find it fun and amusing themselves to entertain us.

“The skin around an elephant’s eyes and mouth is sensitive and paper-thin. So that’s where circus workers often aim their blows—sometimes drawing blood—when they beat these gentle animals with sharp bullhooks in order to force them to perform.

Beatings are just the beginning. Elephants are shackled and crammed into tiny, filthy boxcars or trailers for many hours or even days on end and dragged from coast to coast through extreme weather conditions. Babies are torn away from their mothers while still nursing and are tied up with ropes. Then trainers use whips and electric prods to break their spirit.

Right now, dozens of elephants are facing this kind of daily abuse as circuses crisscross the United States. Can you imagine being confined to a poorly ventilated boxcar or trailer in scorching summer heat? These animals need our help, and they need it now.” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – PeTA – has been fighting to end the misery of animals in circuses for many years.

You can help reach the goal of animal-free circuses by

not visiting circusses that show animals as part of their entertainment
writing to your local newspaper that you boycott circusses with animals
writing to your representative to let him or her know that you do not want such a circus in your town
telling your friends that there is better entertainment out there than staring at the misery of animals in a circus

For more information on animals in circuses please go to

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Manatees, the Gentle Giants of the Sea


Manatees seem to be, in an anthropomorphic way, like sweet giant creatures, minding their own business and hurting no one. It helps to hold up this image of gentleness that manatees are vegetarians.
Wherever you find manatees, human beings are interfering with their habitat.

“Facing a barrage of threats, America’s beloved gentle giants are being overcrowded when they try to seek refuge in natural springs in Kings Bay in Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge.

Throngs of boaters, snorkelers and kayakers mob the entrances to warm water springs where Florida manatees seek to escape cold winter waters. Too often, the manatees are grabbed, groped and harassed by inquisitive tourists. Sometimes, the manatees are unable to reach or are pushed out of the warm water springs they need to survive. There have even been instances when mothers were separated from their dependent calves by careless visitors.

Please urge FWS to step up protections of the vulnerable Florida manatee population!”

You can sign the petition here


You can learn more about the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund here

You can learn more about manatees at



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Tiger Tony – Truck Stop Attraction?

PeTA´s photo of Tony  the Tiger

PeTA´s photo of Tony the Tiger

Are there really people out there who find a caged, lonely, miserable tiger worth stopping for and viewing him as an attraction? And not wanting to find a better place for him?

“Last Chance to Help Tony the Tiger!

Urgent update: Pending a veto from Governor Bobby Jindal, Tony the tiger will continue to languish in a cage as a roadside attraction. Please act NOW and tell Governor Jindal to veto Senate Bill (S.B.) 250 and send Tony to a sanctuary!

Tony the tiger has been caged and used as a tourist attraction at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tête, La., for more than 10 years.

Unfortunately for Tony, Louisiana Senate Bill (S.B.) 250 was designed to appease owner Michael Sandlin and allow his continued custody of the suffering tiger, despite the fact that his captivity of Tony was declared illegal by a state court of appeal. The Louisiana legislature should be ashamed of itself for creating a loophole to skirt its own state’s animal-protection laws just so that a truck-stop owner—who has repeatedly violated federal law by failing to provide tigers with adequate veterinary care and safe and sanitary housing and by handling tigers in a way that causes them undue stress or trauma—can continue to use a caged, deprived tiger as a sad “mascot.”

Tony deserves the chance to roam an area that is measured in acres instead of just feet and inches. PETA is calling on Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to veto the legislature’s ludicrous move, and as we have offered for years, PETA stands ready to help transport Tony to a sanctuary that will give him a real life.”

To help Tony the Tiger please go to;jsessionid=81B92B983C0170D818829DE48175EBE6.app337a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=5417&autologin=true&utm_campaign=061314&utm_source=PETA%20E-Mail&utm_medium=E-News

To learn more about Tony the Tiger please go to

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Comprehensive Reading on Animal Welfare

Animal People News

Animal People News

There is a newspaper that is devoted to spreading news on a large variety of animal related issues. Its layout might seem to some a bit old-fashioned, though content wise it certainly is cutting edge, passionate and well researched.

“Described by some critics as “the Wall Street Journal” of the animal defense community, ANIMAL PEOPLE ® is the leading independent publication providing original investigative coverage of animal protection worldwide. With thousands of items on hand, the ANIMAL PEOPLE website is one of the largest repository of articles on animal issues on the Internet, and all topics that affect animals are covered. Founded in 1992, ANIMAL PEOPLE has no alignment or affiliation with any other entity.”

You can learn more at

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United State’s Largest Sanctuary for Farm Animals

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 3.34.55 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 3.35.10 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 3.35.43 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 3.36.25 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 3.36.36 AM
As long as people continue to eat animals and exploit them, treating them inhumanely and torturing them, there will need to be a place for those animals that can be saved from this life in hell and slaughter in the animal industry.
Farm Sanctuary is helping these animals, giving them a place to live as peacefully and safely as possible.

You can learn more at

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State of the Art Animal Shelter in Washington, DC


Even thought the Washington Animal Rescue League is the oldest animal shelter in the District of Columbia it has one of the most innovative shelters in the country. Dogs get to stay in dens together, cats are found in their cat condos. If an animal needs to spend time in a shelter, this one is the next best thing to finding a forever home.

“For the abused, abandoned, and forgotten animals, The Washington Animal Rescue League’s new facility provides the perfect atmosphere for recovery as they make the transition from lives of hardship to being cherished members of the family. Every detail has been painstakingly designed to promote their physical, psychological, and social wellbeing. Steel-bar cages were replaced with comfortable and attractive doggie dens, cat condos, and puppy pads.”

Two dogs waiting for the their forever home.

Two dogs waiting for the their forever home.

Dogs get to go for walks outside with staff or volunteers - volunteers are always needed and always welcome

Dogs get to go for walks outside with staff or volunteers – volunteers are always needed and always welcome

For more information please check out the website