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Sea Creatures and Their Hearing

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Noise pollution is not only an issue above the water but more and more below the water, too. Many creatures of the oceans have had to adapt to the interference of noise but not always successfully. A new threat is the seismic blasting that takes place in several different regions of the Atlantic. Warnings have come up over the past few years, but so far no one has stepped up and stopped this new torture on animals.

Since “Companies are lining up to begin seismic blasting in the Atlantic. This precursor to offshore oil drilling subjects the marine environment to dynamite-like sound blasts that can go on for weeks on end. The result? As many as 138,000 dolphins and whales could suffer injury or possibly even death.”

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Saving Turtles Sometimes One Egg at a Time

Photo: National Geographic Society

Photo: National Geographic Society

Even though the numbers of these turtles seem to be high enough to sustain a healthy population (the estimate varies between 600.000 – 800.000) they are listed as endangered species since their numbers are declining rapidly. Therefore, this news is very welcome:

“Each year on the eastern coast of India, thousands of olive ridley sea turtles come to shore for their famed synchronized mass nesting. This extraordinary event draws huge crowds of spectators, leaving this declining species’ eggs vulnerable to exploitation.

We at HSI have worked tirelessly with our friends at Action for Protection of Wild Animals (APOWA) to protect the turtles against predators and poachers, providing educational and training programs for coastal communities to ensure the hatchlings’ safe journey to the ocean this year and for years to come. This year, we protected over 60,000 eggs from 700 female turtles. This meant that 36,000 hatchlings crawled safely to sea.”

You can learn more about the olive ridley sea turtles here

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World Sea Turtle Day on Monday


Every day is a special day. Some days are more special, though, than others. Some days are there to show that animals need to be in the limelight to save them from people who are too ignorant to care.

“Monday is World Sea Turtle Day, a day when we celebrate some of the ocean’s most beautiful and ancient creatures.

Many tourists will be exposed to the international wildlife trade all over the world, often without even realizing it. In the Cayman Islands, visitors are allowed to hold sea turtles kept in overcrowded and unsanitary concrete tanks. As the animals continue to reproduce, the older ones are slaughtered for their meat and shells that are sold in tourist or craft shops.

And sea turtles aren’t the only victims. Wildlife products are everywhere, and they all take their toll. From elephant ivory to shark teeth, from marine shows to roadside zoos, annually, millions of animals are shot, poisoned, trapped or stolen to become pets, entertainment or souvenirs.”

The Humane Society International, a part of the Humane Society of the United States, wants to raise the awareness for animals being destroyed by the ignorance of people, especially travelers.

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