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Sheep Like to Keep Their Wool

Usually, we get to see these pictures of fluffy whit sheep roaming happily over green meadows. But there is nothing happy going on when sheep are sheared. It is time to get this picture out of the heads and reflect on what is done to other beings for human comfort.

“J.Crew and Ralph Lauren saw this video and did nothing:

wool investigation video

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Drunk Lamb = Drunk Baby?

More and more studies find that medical experiments on animals cannot be reliable to find out if the findings can help evaluate any risks for human beings.
Here is another experiment that should be stopped as soon as possible:

“Texas A&M University is injecting pregnant sheep with alcohol to study fetal alcohol syndrome. Before the lambs are born, they are removed and killed, so their brains can be studied. The mother sheep are killed, too. It’s horribly cruel, and completely senseless.

These animal experiments have been going on for more than 17 years — yet they haven’t helped a single human mother or child!

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is working hard to stop these unusually cruel experiments. We’ve flooded Texas A&M with petitions, we’ve met with decision makers, and we’re getting the facts out through two billboards outside the campus. But we must do more before another animal is harmed!

PCRM has scientists, physicians and veterinarians on our side — but we need more compassionate people like you to help. Please help us save sheep from cruelty today!”

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