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Success for Nosey, the Elephant!

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Photo: PeTA

One of my first blog posts was about Nosey, the elephant. Today, four years later, I am grateful and immensely happy to share with you that this one elephant is finally in a safe  sanctuary, will never be exploited again.

Many, many people worked together for this happy ending – hopefully it will be the beginning of the end of animal exploitation in entertainment.

23. JAN. 2018 — A Lawrence County, Alabama judge has ruled today that Nosey the elephant will be able to stay in true sanctuary at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. A case against Nosey’s notorious owners, the Liebel Family Circus, was heard on December 15, 2017, and Judge Angela Terry has ruled that Nosey will remain at the Sanctuary PERMANENTLY!

SAVE NOSEY NOW has worked since 2013 for this day, chasing this small family circus from town to town all over the country, never giving up on Nosey for one day. We pushed hard at the USDA who was charged with upholding the Animal Welfare Act by promoting call-in actions, tweetstorms, letter writing campaigns, and a formal march on their Washington, DC site in June 2015. We also dug deep into the patterns of abuse by this small family circus and pushed hard against the Florida Wildlife Commission who repeatedly rubberstamped the permit for this abusive family to keep and use Nosey. Our work involved research into many state and city animal laws as Nosey was hauled around the country from state to state, city to city, day to day, month to month, year to year. We were successful in shutting down venues in many locations as the entities were educated about the true life of Nosey the elephant.

We have run into many obstacles along the way to Nosey’s freedom, but the powers aligned in the little town of Moulton, Alabama on a fateful day in November, 2017 where Nosey was spotted by some very brave local women. These women saw a wrong and decided to fix it. Googling Nosey, Save Nosey Now was found, and we were able to provide assistance to the local officials throughout the proceedings with documents, pictures and videos to strengthen the case against the circus owners. Contacting the law enforcement division of PETA, more resources were on the way to Alabama. Save Nosey Now was pleased to be a part of the bench trial in Lawrence County, Alabama, and to provide assistance wherever needed.

We thank the good people of Alabama for their perseverance and follow through. We thank our supporters who have always believed that this day would come for Nosey, and we thank all the other organizations who worked hard for Nosey for many years.”

Nosey the Elephant’s story can be found here:

Judge gives Lawrence County custody of Nosey the elephant

Thank you for spreading the news on animal awareness!


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Good News: One Elephant Is finally Sent to His Forever Home

Here comes some great news from PeTA India:


After more than 50 long years chained near the popular tourist spots Shri Bhavani Museum and Yamai Devi temple in Aundh, Satara, Gajraj has finally been rescued from his chains. This old elephant, whose appalling treatment sparked a global #FreeGajraj campaign led by PETA India and its international affiliates, is on his way now to the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre (ECCC) in Mathura – a collaborative project of PETA India, Wildlife SOS, and the Uttar Pradesh Forest and Wildlife Department – to receive vital veterinary treatment and begin his integration into the company of fellow elephants after all these years alone. He was rescued by the Maharashtra Forest Department today and is being accompanied to the ECCC by an expert veterinary team. PETA arranged for the Wildlife SOS elephant-care centre to take him in, a collaboration, and PETA has paid for his new home and other costs.

You can read more here:

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Der Osten Europas: Baerenhilfe

So sieht ein Wunschplatz für alle Bären aus

So sieht ein Wunschbild für alle Bären aus

Mit der Öffnung Europas nach Osten hat auch der Tierschutz eine Chance, in diesen Ländern Fuss zu fassen. Die Welttierschutzgesellschaft versucht, alle dort noch in Gefangenschaft lebenden Bären zu befreien und ihnen eine möglichst artgerechte Lebensweise zu ermöglichen. 

“Die Welttierschutzgesellschaft setzt sich gemeinsam mit der rumänischen Organisation AMP für jeden einzelnen notleidenden Bären ein. Wir leisten Überzeugungsarbeit, klären Besitzer und die Bevölkerung auf, gehen mit rechtlichen Mitteln gegen schlechte Haltungsbedingungen vor und geben den Bären ein neues Zuhause.

Die 32 Jahre alte Bärendame Elvira tappt vorsichtig durch ihr neues Zuhause und beschnüffelt neugierig die grüne Umgebung. Die Bärin hatte Glück: Nach langen Jahren in einem rumänischen Zoo konnten wir sie in das Bärenschutzzentrum Zarnesti umsiedeln, wo sie nun ihren Lebensabend verbringen wird.

Doch während Elvira Schritt für Schritt ihren neuen, natürlichen Lebensraum erkundet, fristen immer noch unzählige Bären in Rumänien ein trostloses Dasein unter katastrophalen Haltungsbedingungen.

Im Bärenschutzzentrum im rumänischen Zarnesti können die Bären zusammen mit ihren Artgenossen endlich ein bärengerechtes Leben in natürlicher Umgebung führen.

 Hier finden die Bären in einem 70 Hektar großen Waldgebiet endlich

  • ausreichend Platz und eigene Rückzugsmöglichkeiten,
  • ruhige Winterschlafplätze, großzügige Badestellen, hügelige Eichenwälder mit viel Dickicht, Höhlen und Unterholz sowie
  • genügend Nahrung.”


Hier koennen Sie mehr über die Bärenrettung lesen

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