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Wolves Wiped out in Washington State

This sad news has just been released by the Center for Biological Diversity:

“More grim news out of Washington state: Snipers have killed four more wolves — three adults and a female pup. The Profanity Peak wolf pack family has been shattered, reduced to just one adult struggling to care for the four surviving four-month-old pups.

The killing of this pack — which, once it’s done, will have wiped out 12 percent of the wild wolves in the state — has been authorized by Washington’s wildlife agency despite evidence that a rancher placed his cattle right over the pack’s den. Robert Weilgus, director of the Large Carnivore Conservation Lab at Washington State University, told reporters that “This livestock operator elected to put his livestock directly on top of their den site; we have pictures of cows swamping it.” We can’t allow this kind of provocation to keep leading to state-sanctioned wolf slaughter.”

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Profanity Peak Wolf Pack To Be Culled By Washington Wildlife Officials

The Killing of the Profanity Peak Wolf Pack

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No Chance for Life when Money Is Involved

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.16.49 AM

photo: Center for Biological Diversity

Farmers in Oregon reported the death of four of their calves and a sheep to the authorities. That meant the death penalty for a family of wolves, the alleged killers. The “eye for an eye” killings of the wolves were executed; father, mother and two children were shot and killed by officials from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The farmers did not mourn their dead animals because of their bond to four living beings, but because their property had been destroyed. The wolves had no chance of surviving their deeds, even though it could be argued that they had simply followed their survival instincts.

“The bullet he’d been dodging for many years finally caught up with the great Oregon wolf, OR4, on March 31. In the early afternoon, officials from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife shot to death the patriarch of the Imnaha Pack from a helicopter over Wallowa County, an area where gray wolves dispersing from Idaho first began returning to Oregon, where they’d been killed off in the mid-20th century. Shot along with OR4 was his likely pregnant partner, OR 39, known as Limpy for an injured and badly healed leg, and their two young offspring.

The animals were shot after state wildlife officials determined that they killed four calves and a sheep on private pastureland on the fringes of the pack’s territory in northeast Oregon.”

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Saved For Now: Huckleberry Wolf Pack

Photo: Center for Biological Diversity

Photo: Center for Biological Diversity

Due to the public´s outcry the governor of the state of Washington stopped the killing of the wolf pack known as the Huckleberry Pack. Several organizations have helped in this fight for the lives of the wolves, one of them being the Center for Biological Diversity.

“We breathed a sigh of relief this weekend as officials in Washington state finally called off the hunt for the Huckleberry wolf pack. The pack, hounded by helicopter snipers and trappers on the ground, faced the very real possibility of being destroyed within a matter of days.”

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Shooting Wolves for Fun?

Photo: Serdar Ukun

Photo: Serdar Ukun

Humans have been hunters and gatherers for many thousand years. To survive, it was necessary to hunt and only the fittest would survive. The fittest hunters as well as the fittest hunted. Nowadays, no animal has a chance against the weaponry used by hunters. But nowadays, humans hunt for pleasure, not out of necessity.

“A hunters’ rights organization in Idaho wants to turn the killing of wolves into a contest. A request has been made to hold a predator-killing derby every five years. If passed, it could mean disaster for local wolf populations.”


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Idaho Wolves Slaughter Suspended until November 2014



Just yesterday good news for coyotes was posted, today there is some good news for wolves.

“Great news for Idaho’s wolves!

Faced with our latest legal challenge, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game just suspended its plan to slaughter 60 percent of wolves in the Middle Fork region of the Frank Church–River of No Return Wilderness beginning this winter.

Over the past year we fought vigorously to stop Idaho’s plan to convert this premier public wilderness into an elk farm for the benefit of hunting outfitters and recreational hunters, destroying the natural balance between predator and prey.

And today—under the pressure of our litigation—the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has agreed to suspend the slaughter of wolves in the wilderness until at least November 1, 2015.”

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Red Wolves Adopted into the Wild

red wolf. Photo: USFWS

red wolf. Photo: USFWS

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For ages, wolves have been hunted and killed by humans. They have been vilified immensely, coming close to extinction in the recent past. Some animal welfare organizations are trying to save wolves from this fate:

“Two small red wolf pups just joined their new foster family in the wild. The young wolves are crucial additions to an endangered species that is slowly recovering from the brink of extinction.
The biggest danger for these endangered red wolf pups and their foster families is being killed by poachers who are hunting them down.
Through a red wolf recovery program in eastern North Carolina, a few pups born in captivity every year are placed in dens to be fostered by wild parents. And the program has worked wonderfully! The pups are usually embraced by their new parents, learn to survive in their natural habitat and eventually go off to have their own families.
Right now, only about 100 red wolves exist in the wild—so the survival of the two young pups is crucial.
But these endangered red wolf pups may never have a chance to grow up and reproduce in the wild if they are killed by poachers who are breaking the law.”

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Vanishing Wolves

Mexican gray wolf

Mexican gray wolf

Most children in the western world grew up with the image of the big, bad wolf imprinted by numerous fairy tales into their minds. Only in the last years has it become clear that drastic measures need to be taken to ensure the survival of this species.

“The Mexican gray wolf, a distinct subspecies of the gray wolf, once roamed throughout Mexico and the Southwestern United States. Today the global population of these animals is tiny — roughly 75 individuals in the wild, and another 300 in captivity.

Unless the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) takes immediate and dramatic action, this magnificent animal could no longer exist in the wild.”

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You can learn more about the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund here

You can learn more about the Mexican gray wolf here