Urgent: Helpers Against Killing of Deer in Washington, DC Needed

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The shooters come at night, killing a many deer as they can. Even though it has been proven that there are more humane ways of animal control the brutal medieval methods remain in place. In the middle of the capitol of the United States hunters may use their deadly weapons.

If you live in the area please help:

“Sadly, the killing of the Rock Creek Park deer has started.  We must show the public, the courts, and the executive and legislative authorities that we do not accept the slaughter the park has been carrying out on our deer.

We have already been out protesting on an emergency basis (when our surveillance team finds they are setting up to shoot deer) , and that will continue.  But we also want to hold scheduled daytime rallies.  I am getting ready to schedule the first one and would like your help with it.  There are at least three ways you could help.

  1. “Help with scheduling.  The major goal in a scheduled rally is to get people out to show support, so we want to make it as convenient as possible for everyone who would like to join, especially among our active supporters in the area.  I have already heard that a number of people will be gone for a substantial amount of time in December, so I do not plan to hold this until January.    I would like to know from you what days and times would be most convenient.  Typically we have held most scheduled rallies on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Is that a good time for you? Or would another day of the week or time of day be better?  Also, which weekends would be good.  I think it should be within  the first few weeks of January  – say by Sunday January 18 at the latest.  If you are interested in joining, let me know what within this range would be a good time for you.  I would like to hear from you within a week of this email so that we can set a date and have ample time to publicize it well ahead of time.
  1. Help with publicizing.  Are you in a position to help pass the word about a scheduled rally?  Either among your personal friends or a group or facebook page you belong to whose members are likely to be interested in our cause?.

Also, if you are good with turning excel files into email distribution lists, we could use your help.  We need to distill an excel file of 5,000 supporters from all over the world into a series of 50-person distribution lists of supporters from the DC area.

Please let me know if you can help with either of these areas.

  1. Are you interested in joining some of the emergency protests?.  We have no way of knowing when these will be until the night of the kill, usually after 8 or 9 PM.  We have a group of people who come out if they are able on that night.  If you would like to join us please let me know.

Finally if there are other ways you could help that I haven’t mentioned, please let me know.  We are immensely grateful for your support of the deer.  With your help we can eventually stop this senseless killing.


Anne Barton

www.Savetherockcreekparkdeer.com ”

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March for Animals (and People) in New York City



Photo: Ruby Blossom Animal Legal Defense Fund

Photo: Ruby Blossom Animal Legal Defense Fund


Many organizations connected to animal welfare, climate change and environmental issues will be organizing this march in New York City.

“On September 21, WWF, in partnership with hundreds of other organizations, is participating in the People’s Climate March in New York City. And we need you to be there with us.

The march will kick off a week of climate action in New York and set the tone for world leaders as they head into a United Nations summit on the climate crisis two days later. ”


Please join, sign up and invite as many friends as possible to take part



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Awareness Changes the Lives of Snow Leopards and Humans

Photo: WWF

Photo: WWF

It is easy to point your finger at others telling them off, letting them know how much you despise what they are doing. But reaching out and introducing them to new ideas, giving them an option to change old traditions and setting examples for new ones will get you much farther – and probably faster, too.

“High in the mountains of Mongolia, Byambatsooj and seven other local herders are putting their skills and passion to good use in the face of an intensifying winter climate. These “citizen scientists” are collecting data using camera traps to help WWF study the endangered snow leopard population and conserve Asia’s High Mountains.”

Please read more about the snow leopards here


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The Backyard Tiger


Photo: PeTA

Photo: PeTA

PeTA´s photo of Tony  the Tiger

PeTA´s photo of Tony the Tiger


Cute cuddly little tigers are an easy way to attract people. But who asks what happens to these animals once they are no longer little but grown, weighing easily 400 – 500 pounds?

“Did you know there are around 5,000 captive tigers in the United States right now?

This is what I learned when I began conducting research on America’s tiger population seven years ago. What’s more astounding is that nearly 95% of these tigers are owned by individuals, not zoos.

Of those people who privately own a tiger here in the US, most aren’t trained to care for animals in general, let alone tigers. And, unbelievable as it sounds, there is no complete record of captive tigers in America.

The exact number of tigers living in captivity outside of zoos and accredited institutions in the US isn’t clear—some say it could be double what we estimated. What we do know is that it’ssignificantly more than the number of wild tigers in Asia.”

Please sign the petition


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Update: Irrawaddy Dolphins Survival Chances

Photo: WWF

Photo: WWF

The World Wildlife Fund had asked for support in their fight against dam in Laos that would lead to the certain extinction of this docile species. Here is a recent update:

“We asked you to join us in saving the last Mekong Irrawaddy dolphins living in the wild and thankfully you did!

In fact, more than 200,000 supporters like you responded to our call to stop the Don Sahong dam. Thank you!

We’re seeing results quicker than we ever imagined: Two weeks ago, the Laos government told dam developers they would have to go through a formal consultation process. This consultation is likely to delay construction and requires Laos to conduct further studies on the project’s environmental and social impacts and share them with key groups.

Despite Laos’ decision, we cannot call it a victory. The fight is not over yet.

Please share the petition with others and ask them to help protect the last 85 Irrawaddy dolphins in the Mekong River. We’ve created special e-cards for you to send and help spread the word. We also made Irrawaddy dolphin wallpaper just for you.

You can sign the petition here


You can learn more about the Irrawaddy dolphins here


Photo: WWF

Photo: WWF

mountain gorilla, saved for now, victory, World Wildlife Fund, WWF

Africa’s Virunga National Park is saved from oil exploration

mountain gorilla in the Virunga National Park. Photo: WWF

mountain gorilla in the Virunga National Park. Photo: WWF

The World Wildlife Fund just released this uplifting information:

“Breaking News: SOCO International plc announced it will abandon its controversial oil exploration in Africa’s Virunga National Park, a key part of the home range for more than half of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas and a vital natural resource to hundreds of thousands of people.

Not only did the London-listed oil company commit to pulling out of Virunga, but it went one step further: It has committed to staying out of all other World Heritage sites.

It’s with great pride and relief for the people and wildlife of Virunga National Park that I’m writing to you directly from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa to say: we did it!

You and more than 750,000 activists from around the world helped us make this happen, and we cannot be more grateful. From petitioning SOCO to encouraging leaders in the US Congress to stand up and protect Virunga National Park, you’ve continued to speak out for what’s right.”

You can read more about this at