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Manatees, the Gentle Giants of the Sea


Manatees seem to be, in an anthropomorphic way, like sweet giant creatures, minding their own business and hurting no one. It helps to hold up this image of gentleness that manatees are vegetarians.
Wherever you find manatees, human beings are interfering with their habitat.

“Facing a barrage of threats, America’s beloved gentle giants are being overcrowded when they try to seek refuge in natural springs in Kings Bay in Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge.

Throngs of boaters, snorkelers and kayakers mob the entrances to warm water springs where Florida manatees seek to escape cold winter waters. Too often, the manatees are grabbed, groped and harassed by inquisitive tourists. Sometimes, the manatees are unable to reach or are pushed out of the warm water springs they need to survive. There have even been instances when mothers were separated from their dependent calves by careless visitors.

Please urge FWS to step up protections of the vulnerable Florida manatee population!”

You can sign the petition here


You can learn more about the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund here

You can learn more about manatees at




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