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Petition: Pigs Want Out

pig tortured to death. Photo: PeTA

pig tortured to death. Photo: PeTA

For those who still eat meat it should become more and more important to know where their food comes from. And for those who no longer support this violence against innocent creatures it is still a necessity to know what is happening and urging others to stay informed so that eventually there is a chance of ending these hellish conditions.

“In PETA’s latest undercover investigation, lame pigs were found languishing, mother pigs, some with sores, were confined to crates so small that they couldn’t even turn around, and injured animals were relegated to a “junk pen” before being shipped to their deaths.

The facility documented here is the beginning for the animals who become bacon, pork chops, and sausage. It is the first place where pigs suffer before they and generations of their piglets are shipped off to be dismembered. Their bodies and spirits are broken, and they need your help.

Please join (…) in contacting Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and asking him and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to pursue more funding for slaughterhouse inspections that would make pigs’—and many other animals’—deaths less terrifying and painful.”

You can find the petition here

You can learn more about pigs and their life in misery here


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