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Brown Bears and Mining Do Not Mix

Photo: Stop Pebble Mine

Photo: Stop Pebble Mine

Photo: National Wildlife Federation

Photo: National Wildlife Federation

Bears feed on salmon, salmon returns to the same spawning places every year. So the bears come back to these same places every year as well. But if the mining company has the say there will be no more salmon at this place next year. There will be no food for the bears, either.

“Every summer, brown bears gather in the pristine waterways of Alaska’s Bristol Bay to catch salmon swimming upstream to spawn.

But soon, this vast habitat area that is home to brown bears and the largest runs of salmon in the world could be devastated by a massive open pit copper mine.

The Environmental Protection Agency is in the process of making final decisions about allowing the proposed Pebble Mine project to move forward, and they need to hear from you.”

Please read more and sign the petition

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!


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