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Is It Fashionable to Mistreat Horses?



Most people crave for technological advancements. Most people want to drive the car with all the new advancements, not crank it up like in the early 20th century. Most people want to use a smart phone, not one hooked up on the wall and connect through an operator. So why do people want to ride in horse-drawn carriages all around the world, especially in big cities like New York City, Paris, London, or Vienna? It’s romantic, is what they say. Romantic to drive through all this traffic, inhaling all the exhaust fumes directly? Having one animal pull you along streets clogged with traffic? What is romantic about seeing this animal being forced to walk on streets not made for their hooves, being pushed around in unhealthy air, in a surrounding that is noisy, sometimes boiling hot, sometimes freezing cold, sometimes soaking wet? No adequate place to rest, to eat, to sleep?

“On the eve of New York Fashion week, designer Victor de Souza plans to debut his collection using a “horse-drawn carriage runway,” in which the horses who work long, grueling hours on the hectic, hot city streets will escort models along Central Park South. We ask you to join us in urging de Souza to change venues and get out of this last-ditch effort to promote the dying horse-drawn carriage industry.”

Please read more and sign the petition here


Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!


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